Resources on Color

Week of 04/12 – 04/16 Activity: This week, the SenseME team wants all young children and their caregivers/families, to spend time finding natural color elements outside, as the leaves are popping out, and as the grass is green. Can you tell the difference over the past few weeks? Be sure to:

• Document your findings on a piece of paper including what color the grass is, what is popping out on the trees, etc.

• Explain what will continue to happen as the temperatures get warmer.

• CHALLENGE QUESTION: Why are leaves on trees a certain color? The word starts with a C.

Week of 03/29 – 04/02 Activity: This week, we want you to find as many objects with the same color outdoors as you can. You have the option between blue, green, and yellow. These objects can be natural or not natural, but must be outdoors / exposed to the outdoor elements. Once you complete that activity, you should write about your findings in short complete sentences for later reference.

Week of 03/15 – 03/19 Activity: I Spy is a popular children’s game and you can play it with just about any concept. You can print off color mats and point to mats to help your toddlers and preschoolers identify which color you are “spying”. You can spark conversation like: ”I spy with my eye something that is red,” and point to the color mat and ask, ”This is red! What can you spy that is red?” Using the game helps create a connection and helps your child make a connection that a color has a specific name.


Week of 03/08 – 03/12 Activity: In your home, choose your favorite color, and find up to 25 items related to that color. Items can consist of toys, safe cooking objects, household goods, and more.

Once you find your 25 items related to the color that you chose, narrow that down to your 5 favorite items related to the color you chose. Take pictures of those items and save those images for future comparison.

Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to participate with the children!