Why is Water Important?

So, where does water come from? Water is all over the earth. It is in rivers, lakes and oceans. When the sun heats the water in the rivers, lakes, and oceans, the water turns into clouds. The clouds you see in the sky are made up of millions of water droplets. When the water droplets become big and heavy, they fall from the clouds to the earth. If it is warm outside, the water falls as rain. If it is cold outside, the water falls as snow. When the rain or snow falls on the earth, it waters the trees and plants and fills the rivers, lakes and oceans.

Why is water necessarily important? All living things (plants and animals) need water to live. We drink water every day. Fish live in water. Plants need to be watered. What happens when you forget to drink water? What would happen to fish in an aquarium if you took out all of the water? What would happen if you forgot to water your plants?

For parents: Discuss the difference between a desert and a rain forest and how water affects what can live in each habitat with them. Compare the types of plants and animals that live in a desert and rain forest. Could they switch places (could a cactus live in a rain forest or an orchid live in the desert)?

For teachers: Show students pictures of a desert, tropical rain forest, and ocean. Explain how the plants and animals live in different conditions (dry, wet).

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