About Us

Welcome! We are called, ”SenseME,” and we are a developing organization in the process. We strive to assist children in their early childhood development to help give them the skills they so need to achieve success at the highest levels possible. We specifically aim to help children who have trouble with sensory processing issues, or have difficulties of learning. We do this by giving children the ability to learn through recognizing different types of colors, textures, and shapes.

The SenseME Initiative was founded by Courageous Steps founder & Chairman/CEO Connor Archer and Husson University graduate and fellow Husson University Integrated Technology classmate and graduate Olivia Wilson, who developed this website as part of a semester-long project.

We are always looking forward to collaborating and partnering with area schools and organizations, as well as parents/guardians to help children succeed as they grow. This website helps our audience find the information they’re looking for and helping children in their early childhood development stages.

You can find more information if you are a parent or a school that wants to get involved with us underneath our Contact page. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope we are able to give you the resources and information that will help your child Sense Me.